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PHP class for form validation

PHP plays great role in the form values sensitization. PHP provide filters with the help of that you plays with form validation & sensitization of form values. PHP provides three types of filter which is below.  Validate filters  Sanitize filters  Other filters Validate filters PHP provide in built function for some values validate like email, […]

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How to be test our software

In the software development the testing is very important. As a human nature during the development phase some points will become escaped so during testing we can be cover it. But question came that how to run the development & testing process parallel. So Many organisation & team make different strategy. We can be mange […]

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Top features pos point of sale software

Nowaday hosting is not so much secure. So e-commerce companies move towards the POS (Point of sale software). These are the software which is responsible for payment as well as manage their ERP. So If sees in another way then is work like a complete backup of the online store. Different POS software provides the different facilitates like manage […]

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